Where It All Began

The Dungeon Band history is a long and very involved journey that started over 15 years ago in the outback of Australia and has led to international success and Dungeon being one of the best australian heavy metal band. The story takes many twists and turns along the way and will take some time to read! Hope you’re comfortable!
Dungeon Band began its life as heavy metal cover band in the Australian outback town of Broken Hill, in August 1989 and was formed by ‘Lord’ Tim (guitar), Ian Debono (drums) and Eddie Trezise (bass). After trying out a few singers, Tim just ‘fell’ into the position of lead vocals, due to a lack of available singers. Soon, Jason Hansen (guitar) and Carolyn Boon (keyboards) were added and Eddie was replaced by Randall Hocking. This line up stayed together for six months. During that time, Dungeon band played sold-out gigs, did newspaper and radio interviews and gained a loyal fan base. In July 1990, Randall and Jason left the band and were replaced by Dale ‘Fletch’ Fletcher (guitar) and Jamie Baldwin (bass). Over the next 6 months, more gigs were played, Ian left and was replaced briefly by Darryl Riess and then by a drum machine.