Dungeon receives literally hundreds of e-mails each day and invariably a lot of the same questions are asked, so please read the Complete Bio first, then check the News page next, and then this section to find out if your question has been answered already.


Q. Dungeon broke up?! What happened?!

A. Yes, it’s true. Please read THIS PRESS STATEMENT to hear the reasons for the break up, ex-members future plans and a 2008 update at the end by Lord Tim.

Additionally to this, Lord Tim has discussed this in a blog at the Dungeon MySpace page which reads:

There’s a few other reasons why I chose to end Dungeon besides it “not feeling right” anymore. The first one, and most important one, is the name itself.

Ask yourself this: if you’d never heard of Dungeon before or knew what we did, what would your impression be if you heard the name? What do you think we play?

Most metal fans would go “ah, fantasy power metal” (especially if they knew we were on LMP for a few albums). While it’s true we did have a lot of power metal influences, we had ONE song that was written in 1996 called “The Legend Of Huma” that was a fantasy inspired power metal song. Just one. (1) Kind of puts things into perspective a little, hey? Dungeon was always more than just a power metal band but we unfairly got that tag no matter what we did. We could put out a black metal album and people would still say we’re a power metal band who did a black metal album. You can’t win!

Non-metal fans generally thought we were either some grungy band or a really brutally heavy death metal “kill your mother raper your sister” band, when that was far from the truth as well. If you do that kind of stuff, that’s awesome – that’s the kind of notoriety you want with non-metal fans but we always thought Dungeon had a wider appeal than just the metal market with the kind of metal/rock we played, so the name was really sending out the wrong kind of vibes to everyone.

A more ambiguous name was needed so it could be whatever we wanted it to be, and people would associate the music with the name rather than the connotations of a certain style or a label.

The other thing that I didn’t go into too much in the press statement in the other blog is that Dungeon broke up for a reason. I touched on the fact that the “cracks reappeared” before the final break up. Dungeon was always stressful and because of the momentum of the band, we couldn’t afford to slow down no matter what happened. Lose a member? No probs, let’s get someone else in right away, even if our personalities or his playing style didn’t click entirely, just to get the job done.

A lot of the tension and stress came from people with vastly different goals, personal outlooks, ideals… you name it. Some members stayed in the band because they knew it was going places, even though they weren’t particularly happy playing the style or liked some members. Others found that a new member came in and absolutely alienated them. Then again, as you grow older your life goals change and your heart just isn’t in it anymore, so you either quit, or stick it out hoping it would get better, which eventually annoys the other members who are entirely into it.

In short, there’s a lot of variables that caused the stress and tension behind the scenes. We never let that show on stage, but there was many a time when we were having full on arguments (nearly fist fights) only moments before stepping onto the stage to put on a killer performance, and the crowd was none the wiser.

The previous members of Dungeon aren’t working together in the same band because they don’t want to. Simple as that.

That’s not to say that there’s not still great friendships to be had between ex-members; far from it, I still count some of the members of Dungeon throughout the years as some of my best friends ever. Would we ever form a permanent long-term band again like Dungeon? No, absolutely not. Our goals are entirely different and would only put a strain on our friendship once again (there’s a few ex-members who are only just starting to talk to each other again now, years after they left the band due to how much it affected our friendships).

So you can see why Dungeon broke up when you add that stuff into the equation.


Q. Will Dungeon have any new T-shirts or other merchadise available?

A. No, when Dungeon ended, so did any merchandise that came from the band and and older merchandise is completely out of stock. You may find shirts available on eBay.



 Q. Where can I get The Final Chapter?

A. The Final Chapter was released in Australia / New Zealand through Modern Invasion, and in Japan through Soundholic. Any retail outlets that stock releases from these labels should have it. The album was set to be released in Europe and USA through LMP but the band chose to withdraw it from the label due to a massive difference in opinion regarding its marketing and production. As yet there is no domestic release in Europe and USA for this album.

Q. Where can I get One Step Beyond?

A. One Step Beyond was released in Australia / New Zealand through Modern Invasion, in Japan through Soundholic and in Europe and USA through LMP/SPV. Any retail outlets that stock releases from these labels should have it.

Q. Where can I get A Rise To Power?

A. A Rise To Power was released in Australia / New Zealand through Modern Invasion, and in Europe and USA through LMP/SPV. Any retail outlets that stock releases from these labels should have it.

Q. Where can I get Rising Power or Under The Rising Sun (DVD)?

A. In Australia, these releases were distributed through Modern Invasion and in Japan they were imported by Hot Rockin’ but they are since well out of print. Rising Power was intended only as a single limited-edition release, and Under The Rising Sun has issues with DVD classification for which Modern Invasion are unwilling to resolve. The DVD portion of Under The Rising Sun appeared as a bonus for the expanded limited edition run of One Step Beyond in Europe, and the soundtrack of the DVD was the bonus for the expanded limited edition run of Resurrection ’05 in Europe. We have had reports that there are some stores who have old stock of both of these releases but that’s about it, so outside of that and possibly eBay, these releases are entirely unavailable.

Q. Where can I get Demolition?

A. Demolition is not available, and there are no plans to ever re-release it or re-record it since most of the songs that appeared on this album were demo versions (hence the name DEMOlition) that were subsequently re-recorded on later releases. It’s possible that you can find copies on eBay, etc., but it’s incredibly rare now.

Q. Can Dungeon sign my CD?

A. Dungeon has disbanded, but any ex-members of Dungeon Band would be more than happy to sign your CD for you. Bring them to any show that our new projects will be appearing at and ask us.

Q. Can Dungeon link to my site? I have linked to the Dungeon site.

A. First of all, thank you so much for your support! While we would love to add everyone who links to us, it’s sadly not possible in most cases, especially since this site is here mostly for legacy / archival purposes. We would like to offer our sincere apologies for that and our sincere thanks to anyone who has added us to their site.

Q. I have mailed Dungeon and haven’t gotten a reply? What’s going on?

A. As was mentioned at the top of the page, Dungeon receives literally hundreds of mails each day. Dungeon’s ex-members are incredibly busy with their new projects, even without the e-mail side of things so it takes a little while to reply to everyone. Much of the time the e-mail that is sent to the general Dungeon e-mail address is redirected to the ex-member in question, so you may have more luck e-mailing them directly at their project’s new site and e-mail address.

Q. Where can I find Dungeon tablature?

A. There is currently no official Dungeon tabs created by the band and there is no plans to do so. There may possibly be tabs that fans have created. If you have tabbed a Dungeon song and you think it’s pretty accurate, CONTACT US and we may feature it on the site, with a credit to you!