One Step Beyond

Mainly formed with cover songs but it was first unofiicial album of Dungeon Band.

Song list:

  1. The Power Within
  2. Against The Wind
  3. The Art Of War
  4. The Hunger
  5. Surface Tension
  6. Tarranno Del Mar
  7. One Step Beyond
  8. Under The Cross
  9. Epilogue

Produced by Lord Tim
Released in Australia / New Zealand in November 2004 by Metal Warriors, distributed by Modern Invasion. Released in Japan by Sound Holic in November 2004. Released in Europe / USA in February 2005 by Limb Music Products.

Dungeon’s much anticipated follow-up to ‘A Rise To Power’! Various different territories will have bonus tracks ranging from Dokken’s ‘Til The Living End’ to Queen’s ‘The Hero’ to Anthrax’s ‘Stand Or Fall’ and even to a particularly heavy version of the Duran Duran classic ‘Planet Earth’.

This album was re-issued though Modern Invasion in November 2006 with a slightly revised mix and a bonus video clip for ‘The Art Of War”.

Musicians that appeared on this album:

  • Lord Tim – Lead & Backing Vocals, Guitars, Bass and Keyboards
  • Stu – Guitars
  • Stevo – Drums

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