Dungeon Fan Page: Resurrection

The second album of Dungeon Band – the best heavy metal cover band.

Song list:

  1. Death From Above
  2. Resurrection
  3. Paradise
  4. No Way Out
  5. Wake Up
  6. Fight
  7. Severed Ties
  8. Time To Die
  9. I Am Death
  10. Judgment Day
  11. The Legend Of Huma

Produced by Lord Tim
Released in Australia / New Zealand in May 2005 by Modern Invasion. Released in Europe and in the USA in August 2005 by Limb Music Products.

This is a completely new re-recording of Dungeon’s 1999 debut album. Various versions had added bonus tracks such as John Farnham/LRB’s ‘Playing To Win’, Thin Lizzy’s ‘Waiting For An Alibi‘ and an orchestral/acoustic version of ‘Severed Ties’. The limited edition LMP release included a bonus video clip, poster, sticker and extra live CD from the 2003 Japanese tour.

The European and American release of this album had different artwork and packaging.

Musicians that appeared on this album:

  • Lord Tim – Lead & Backing Vocals, Guitars, Bass and Keyboards
  • Stu – Guitars & Backing Vocals
  • Stevo – Drums
  • Karyn Hamilton – guest Violins

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